Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Negotiator

Maya has turned into quite the negotiator in the past few weeks. And I'm using the term "negotiator" VERY loosely when what I want to say is that she has become argumentative or that she has started talking back. *Sometimes* it works for her (she makes some compelling arguments!) but mostly she hears, "Maya, please don't talk back to Mommy. Maybe you can say that again in a different way?"...on a good day! On a bad day it's "Maya! No talking back!" by me followed by "but..." or "well, I just was saying..." from the small person. She is also trying to pit Michael and I against each other. Most of the time we catch it in time, but if we don't happen to be in the same room, she might get a "no" from one and a "yes" from the other, and then she has won. 3 is going to be a fun age, I can tell already!

But really, she's exerting her independence and growing into a pretty fantastic little person. Right now she is sitting across from me practicing her letters (of her own accord) and drawing pictures of people. So far she has drawn Isabella, Isabella's mommy (Sierra) and baby Isaac.


Some recent situations:

Maya: Mommy, where did this dress come from?
Me: Once Upon a Child
Maya: No it didn't.
Me: Maya, if you're just going to argue with me when I give you the (correct) answer, then why did you ask me where it came from?
Maya: I'm not arguing!
Me: Maya, that right there is arguing
Maya: No it's not!


Last night, Maya told me that she wanted to make crayon cookies, which we made a couple of weeks ago with Isabella. I told her that we couldn't make any because we had used all the broken crayons when we made them the first time. She proceeded to break one of her BRAND NEW crayons, then asked again if we could make the cookies. If you know me well, then you know one of my (unreasonable, irrational) pet peeves is Maya breaking her crayons or peeling off the paper, so you can imagine how happy I was with the situation. Michael said she was just being a good problem solver (can you see my eyes rolling?).


And now, some pictures :)

My big 3 year old:

Her new camera!

Taking pictures:

All of her pictures can be seen at ;)

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