Saturday, October 2, 2010

The One Where Maya Looks Like A Schaub

I caught the face again! Due to this shot needing to be cropped way down, not adjusting the camera settings properly, and focusing on the wrong part of the picture, it needed to be highly edited. Pretend that I was trying to make it look old-timey on purpose :)

The other night when Michael was still out of town, I was running out of patience. I have found that, when I'm at my wits end, there are a few things that can shake me out of it and change everyone's attitude for the better ~ photo shoot, dance party, baking cookies and singing silly songs. This night I opted for photo shoot :)

And finally, I've discovered that if Maya has one of her baby dolls, she actually *wants* me to take pictures of her! Who knew? :)

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picturingtheordinary said...

I love the last picture! So now we can expect to see Maya with a baby in all of your pictures?