Thursday, October 14, 2010

Travel and Somersaults

For the 3rd time in 2 months, we're in Battle Creek while Michael has meetings at Kellogg.  I know, you are totally jealous, right?  But really, it's pretty nice here and it is *definitely* better than staying home by myself (with the kidlets) while Michael travels.  Whenever we travel, I try to come up with lots of fun things to do with the kids.  I spend the week ahead of time looking up places to visit, festivals that are happening, places to eat.  But, in reality, we spend most of our time in the hotel room reading books or coloring, or right outside the hotel playing in the grass (if it's nice), or walking around Target (if it's rainy or cold).  We eat at the same restaurants we have at home, spend our evenings watching Hulu or playing cards with the kids.  It's pretty much like being at home, except our "home" is the size of a studio apartment and we don't have all our stuff!  

Today I had the grand idea to go out and play in the leaves.  It was sunny and beautiful, over 60 degrees, *I* thought it was a fantastic idea.  The girls had a lot of fun...well until Maya decided that she wanted to start complaining about everything under the sun (see what I did there? ;)) and we went back inside.  I had attempted to read some of my book club book for next month, but of course that didn't happen!  Whenever I'd reach for my book, I'd have both kids basically sitting on top of me.  These kiddos spend ALL day, EVERY day with'd think they'd be sick of me by now! :)
My poor, poor neglected book club book

Charlotte showing me how she prepares for a somersault.  So far she has got "raise your arms" DOWN!  She's about 50/50 on "touch your toes".  Anything beyond that, and she just stands up and claps for herself :D

Maya being a good big sister (you can feel the sarcasm, right? :)


One thing that *is* totally different about the hotel is that it has a pool, which is very exciting.  Maya asked about it the whole way here!  When we finally made it to the pool, we tried to get her to jump in from the side.  She tried and tried to be brave, but would only do it holding my hands.  Then Michael somehow used his Daddy-Magic to convince her it was a good idea, and she jumped in like it was no big deal!

And finally, Maya has gotten quite proficient at doing somersaults!  This is quite exciting news for Uncle Eric (Katie's fiancee) as he is a gymnastics coach!  We even took a video just for him :) 


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