Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween, Friends, and Aunt Laura

Maya's preschool celebrated halloween this week, so of course she had to dress up!  Her costume for trick-or-treat is actually a princess, but since the princess dress is a bit long and cumbersome, we had to come up with something a little easier to play in.  Thanks to some homemade leg warmers, some tights we got last week for our family photo session, a borrowed ballet outfit, and lots of hair clips and gel, we had ourselves a little ballerina!

Aunt Laura came up to visit yesterday and today and we had a great time!  The girls always love when someone new visits, *especially* if that person is willing to sit down with them and read book after book after book (after book after book!).

We went to the park a couple of days ago with Sierra and Linda.  Linda is due very very soon with baby #4, and she looks ADORABLE!  Look at that belly!

Maya and Linda's son Nick held hands for most of the time at the playground (Isabella was chasing after Linda's older son, Danny, which is good because I'm not sure we could handle them going after the same boy!).

Maya and Isabella's new game is "hospital" ~ I'm not sure what the leaves were for...

In this one, Maya is giving Isabella a "shot".  

Apparently it doesn't hurt quite as bad as a real shot!

Finally, our favorite little man is going to have surgery next week on Tuesday.  Please keep Isaac, Sierra, Walter, Isabella, the doctors, nurses, and anyone else associated with his care in your prayers!  Thanks!

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