Friday, October 22, 2010

I Spy...

Maya's new very favorite thing to do is play "I Spy..." while we're in the car.  On our trip to Michigan, we thought it would be a good idea to teach her when she started to get restless.  She really loves playing, but I'm not sure she *quite* gets the concept.  That or she cheats.  I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume the former!  Some examples:

Maya ~ I spy, my little brown eye, something green!
Michael ~ Is it the grass?
Maya ~ No!
Michael ~ Is it the trees?
Maya ~ No!
Michael ~ Is it the grass?
Maya ~ No!
Michael ~ Is it inside the car, or outside the car?
Maya ~ Outside the car.
Michael ~ Is it the grass?
Maya ~ It's the grass!

Michael ~ I spy something gray.
Maya ~ Is it the tree?
Michael ~ Is the tree gray?
Maya ~ No!  It's green!
Michael ~ You're looking for something gray.
Maya ~ Is it the grass?
Michael ~ No.  I'll give you a hint.  It's gray.
Maya ~ Is it the white sign?
Michael ~ (laughing) No.
Maya ~ Ok, my turn!  I spy something red!

Maya ~ Mommy, do you want to play "I Spy"?
Me ~ Not right now.
Maya ~ I spy something red!
Me ~ I'm not playing right now, Maya.
Maya ~ Is it the stop sign?  Mommy, what did you spy that was red?

So, needless to say, we've had some funny times in the car lately :)

No pictures of spying things, but here are some from the past couple days :)

Our favorite little man, looking adorable as always!

Charlotte with her duck feathers

Maya was taking a break because she was having trouble being nice.  Isabella decided to join her :)

Last I checked, Isabella had worn this dress 3 days in a row...

Charlotte and her future husband.
He looks a little terrified of her in this picture!

Sierra and her sister, Jesse (who I think looks like a cross between Sierra and Katie)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, it's Audrey, and I recently started a blog-you're welcome to check it out. Anyway, I loved the"I spy"part of this post-hilarious!
<3 Audreyyy