Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

We made our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch today!  Not much to say ~ we took lots of pictures of the girls in front of the "how tall this fall" sign, tried to go through the maze (too scary, apparently!), picked out pumpkins, and went home!
Last night we made pumpkin milkshakes.  Yum!  Maya definitely enjoyed them :)
After we got home from the pumpkin patch, Maya helped Michael rake the leaves...
...and then redistribute them!

Poor thing has had an ear infection for going on 2 weeks now :(  Giving her antibiotics is like torture, apparently!
Michael being silly, as usual :)

"How Tall This Fall" through the years!


Charlotte (she wasn't super cooperative, so the pictures we have of her from this year include Maya, too :)) 


Laura said...

oh my goooooood!! i am so excited to come up this week and see them. (if that is still cool, of course)

picturingtheordinary said...

Way to start the child labor early! Once again, I love your post! The pictures of the girls next to the growth chart are really cool...good memories! :)