Sunday, October 31, 2010

The One With Better Halloween Pictures

Since we went trick-or-treating with friends yesterday in their town, today we just handed out candy during Kent's trick-or-treating.  I did get the girlies dressed up again, though (of course!) so they could get another wear out of their costumes, and I could attempt to get some more pictures!  I think these ones turned out MUCH better than yesterday's!  I re-fell in love with my telephoto lens.  And I fixed the camera settings so the pictures weren't so grainy.  Oh, and I have adorable children, of course :)  So here are some more trick-or-treat pictures.

Yeah, yeah, Charlotte has a runny nose.  That's real life right there, ok?

Happy Halloween!

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Michael Haren said...

You could enter a couple of these in a contest or something. That 2nd pic is amazing. Slight motion blur that captures her energy and the wind, but with a sharp face. Well framed. Love it! I want a print of that.

The 3rd-last shot (3/4 portrait of thing2 looking off) is pretty neat, too. Print, please!