Friday, April 22, 2011

"This Spot Is For Dogs, Too"

Just a quick post today :)

We were at the gym this morning, and when we got out of the car, Maya pointed to a parking space and said, "this spot is for dogs, too."  Understandably confused, I asked what she meant.  "It's just for dogs, too, Mommy."  Oh, of course.  I pressed further ~ "for dogs and cars?"  Maya, a bit exasperated at my inability to understand what was clearly a very easy concept, said, "no, for dogs and cats."  Umm???  Then she explained, "that's why it's called a 'candy-cat' spot."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Make a Princess Happy

Take some of these:

and do this:

with this:

and you get this:

But, if you live in a house with small princesses (who like to wear these):

then you make it extra special by getting this:

which contains this:

and suddenly you have this:

In case I don't get back to the blog before Sunday, Happy Easter to all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I know I've said this before, but having toddlers is a pretty hilarious experience.  Charlotte is just now becoming really verbal, so that in and of itself cracks Michael and I up every night (her talkative self comes out after Maya goes to bed, when she has a chance to get a word in!).  Daily, Maya is trying to figure out the world and her place in it, and often she is trapped in-between concrete thinking and make-believe.  I keep meaning to write down all of the funny things they say because I know that, before too long, these days of toddler hilarity will be replaced with more understanding and eventually they will know much more than me (and that is said with only partial sarcasm!).  Here are some of the latest gems:

Maya has been really curious about driving lately, and will ask me a million questions about other cars on the road, why I have my hands on the wheel, why we're stopping, why I'm turning or not turning, etc.  She is pretty obsessed with the curb and how it prevents us from driving up on the sidewalk, into peoples' yards, and the like.  These questions and conversations are not prompted by any in particular event (and I assure you I have never driven on the sidewalk, into a yard, or into trees!)
 Maya ~ Mommy, don't drive into the trees, then the car would be broken and we'd have to get a new one!
Me ~ Well, that's not exactly how it works...
Maya ~ Oh, well we'd have to recycle this car and *then* get a new one.

When Maya was sick, she talked a lot about how God would help make her better.
"He'll just go to the store and get me some medicine."
I had to explain that that isn't exactly how it works!

Driving to the store the other day:
Maya ~ Mommy, your belly isn't big.  I think the baby is somewhere else?
Me ~ Somewhere else?  Where did the baby go?
Maya ~ Um, just, lower.
(I ended the conversation here! :))

Maya, running out of her room:
"Mommy!  There's a pretend moose in my room!  Can you please ask him to not scare me?"

Maya no longer lets me help her pick out her clothes, so the outfits that she sports are often very interesting.  The other day, when it was about 35 degrees outside (seriously???  WHERE ARE YOU SPRING???) Maya bounded out of her room in a sleeveless dress and capri leggings.  I told her that her outfit was ok, but that she'd have to wear a sweater with it.  
"I don't need a sweater Mommy.  Don't worry, I'll be careful."
Um, careful that she doesn't get frostbite?  Silly thing.

And from Charlotte :)  Maya was interrogating me about who moved the toys off of her dresser.  I told her that I didn't remember doing it, but that it was possible.  Maya was adamant that she didn't move them.  Charlotte piped in:
"Maybe Daddy just move them.  Sometimes Daddy just do that."

I love that she is starting to be involved in our conversations :)  Her favorite words right now are "sometimes" and "just"

Tonight, Michael and I were watching the "Honey Badger" youtube video (not safe for kids/work ~ lots of swearing so be warned).  Charlotte saw it on Michael's phone (oops) and said, 
"Mommy, that animal craaaaazy!"

And now of course, pictures :)

We celebrated Easter with Penny (Michael's mom) this past weekend, and the Easter Bunny brought Maya a "big girl" bike.  Ya'll, it's pink.  And covered in princesses.  It's pretty much perfect for her!  Obviously it is her favorite thing ever (and don't worry, the Easter Bunny, when he comes to our house, is bringing her a bike helmet).

Maya wasn't in the room when I took this picture...this was her only opportunity to check it out :)

They also hunted for Easter eggs, and Maya stored some in the bag on the front of her bike.

Along with Easter eggs, Penny the Easter Bunny hid Pez dispensers.  As you can see, Charlotte was mainly interested in those!

Little Miss also got a doctor kit.  Both girls LOVE it and spend a lot of the day pretending to be sick and making each other better.

Charlotte was happy to just run around and play with her little yellow car.

We went to the Palm Sunday service at my mom's church.  I tried to get a picture of the girlies in their beautiful dresses (thanks, Penny!), but they were too busy playing to look at the camera.  This is the best I could do!

Next time, egg dying and glitter!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Remodeling, Uncle Patrick, and SPRING!!!

Because adding a third child to our family in August isn't enough, Michael and I (crazy as ever) are planning on moving into a new-to-us house ~ ack! ~ in a little over 3 weeks.  We are impossibly excited at the idea of more space (inside and out) for the girlies to run around, a really nice neighborhood for walking and bike riding, the super cool playground that is almost visible from the house, the elementary school within walking distance, and a million other little details that would bore everyone here but that Michael and I keep discussing as if our new house is a magical place full of wonder.  Maya is excited because she and Charlotte will have their very own room that is PURPLE and their very own bathroom (to share with anyone else at our house ;)) that is PINK.  Charlotte has no idea what is going on, but has loved opening and closing all the doors and cupboards throughout the house and running circles around the living room, dining room and kitchen.  The new house is only about a 5 minute drive from where we live currently, which is nice as the actual moving process will be less stressful than if we had to move everything in one trip.

I keep reminding myself that when we moved into the house we are in now, I was much more pregnant (with Maya) than I will be this time.  But then I also remember that this time I have 2 toddlers to take care of in the midst of it all :)  Like I said ~ crazy.  But, since we aren't masochists, our current house will not go on the market until our tasmanian devils children are firmly planted in our new place.  We've been spending the last few weeks doing all of the projects that have been on our "to do" list for the past 3 years ~ our house is starting to look great!  If you know someone who is looking for a 3 bedroom with a park practically in the back yard in NE Ohio, point 'em our way!

The nice weather has been so great, and we've been taking full advantage of the sun and (relative) warmth to wear out the kids and clean up our yard!  Last weekend, Uncle Patrick came to visit which was super fun.  He watched the girlies for us so that Michael and I could go on a double date with Sierra and Walter and we were out so late that we almost got kicked out of Starbuck's ~ 10pm, I know we're so exciting ;)

This weekend we are going to Michael's mom's house to celebrate Easter, and Maya is really excited to "plant eggs in the yard and then go pick them" :)

Now, pictures...

Hard at work finishing the baseboards!


Her curls are really starting to come out with the higher humidity!  Also, if you can't tell from the scratches on her face, she is quite the adventurous one!


The tulips are trying their darndest to bloom!


Our attempt to teach Charlotte where the "you must hold hands with Mommy or Daddy" zone begins.  Maya gets very stressed out if the cones blow around with the wind :)


She *insisted* on the mittens.  Now every time we get ready to go outside, she says, "I not wear glubs this time".

Maya "helping"