Sunday, March 27, 2011

The One With Uncle Chris and Science

Uncle Chris has spring break this week, so he came to visit :)  Of course we have had a great time!  The girlies have really loved having him visit, as have Michael and I!  He has read book after book after book, "flown" them around the house, strapped Screamy McFreaksalot into her carseat countless times (seriously helpful!), babysat so Michael and I could go out, helped Charlotte ride her tricycle, drawn whatever Maya wanted with sidewalk chalk, and generally just been an awesome uncle!  The girlies are so lucky to have him in their lives!

Chris asked Maya what to draw.  She said, "a picture of Isabella but Isabella is a cat".  He wasn't quite expecting that request, lol :)

Saturday we went to the Great Lakes Science Center (Groupon, woot!).  Fun fun fun!



Maya was drawing with markers today during Charlotte's nap, and she came into the living room all proud of herself for this:

She was trying to put on make-up (if you couldn't tell :)).  She did lipstick and eye shadow.  We asked her what was on her arm (clearly not make-up) and she said "I just wanted to color on my arm."  Fair enough, I suppose!

Later on, during Maya's bath, she asked me if I would put make-up on her for real so that she could be beautiful.  I told her that she didn't need it, that she was beautiful without any make-up at all.  She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "well but I wouldn't be if I didn't have a head."  Very matter-of-fact.  I wasn't really sure what to say :P

I did not tell her to make this face :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Park, Party

This past week we got another sneak-peak of spring ~ it was in the 60s on Thursday and Friday, so we spent some more time at the park with friends.  I am constantly amazed at what a little warm weather, sunshine, and friends will do for my outlook on life!  Despite the fact that I have been amazingly blessed by my wonderful husband, perfect (for me ;)) children, and generally all-around great life, winter really does a number on my mood and my ability to deal with even the minor things life throws at me.  Spring makes me feel revitalized, and I am so looking forward to sunshine, longer days, warmer weather, and lots and lots of time outside!

On Sunday, we celebrated my nephew Unai's 2nd birthday.  The girlies had a great time playing with their cousin and his friends, and Michael and I had fun seeing family and watching the kids enjoy themselves.  It was a "Toy Story" themed party, which Maya thought was pretty amazing.  The birthday hats had the alien, who Maya kept calling "Graeple".  I was impressed with her "Toy Story" knowledge ~ even though she loves the movie and has an amazing ability to tell me all about what happened to each of the characters, she really only had watched the movies a couple of times.  But, the next day (when she was once again talking about "Graeple") I asked her what Graeple did in the movie.  She said that Buzz and Woody saved the aliens from something (can't remember what!) and then they say "we are ternally graeple".  Oh.  Oops, guess she doesn't know their names (or what "grateful" means! :)).  I looked it up and apparently the aliens are simply known as the alien squeeze toys!

I tried to catch a candid shot here, because Isaac was being adorable and imitating Sierra's every move.  But, she caught me and smiled for the camera before Isaac had a chance to catch up.  Cute picture anyway :)

My awesome hubby :)

On our way to Unai's party.  Maya was having a tough time keeping herself entertained, so I pulled out the camera and filled up some time!
I let her take a few pictures, too.  She did a pretty decent job, I think!  Of course she had about a 1-in-10 hit rate :)

Party time!


Maya in her "Graeple" hat :P

Birthday boy!


Turns out Charlotte loves her some cake!

Unai, too!

Static electricity:

Maya and Charlotte were in love with the doctor kit that Uncle Chris got for Unai :)  It's always the first toy they go for at friends' houses, too.  Looks like Michael and I need to find a doctor kit for them (because they need more toys :P).

And finally, showing off some more of Maya's photography:


Until next time!