Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dusting off the Ol Blog

 Yikes! My poor, poor neglected blog!

This past weekend was a busy one! Arlo had her first basketball game on Saturday morning, and it was so fun to watch her! The game didn't go their way, but she was all smiles and excitement when it was over.  After her game, we drove to Logan to celebrate Christmas with Larry and Steph (Michael's dad and stepmom). I am grateful that my kids have so many loving grandparents! As soon as we walked in the kids were off, finding people to talk to and things to play with. When the food had been eaten and gifts opened, we drove back to Stow in time for Maya to sing in her choir concert. She had a solo in the last song of the evening, and she did great! Then church and soccer on Sunday, and back to the week! This weekend will be even more busy (and fun!) with movies and Christmas Eve church and snack dinner and Christmas morning and saying goodbye to Polka-Dot the elf for a whole year (praise the Lord! ;)).

We don't currently have any foster kiddos, and right now I'm not sure when we will take another placement. Lots of reasons, but that's for another post! :)


She's Number 1!


Nate showing Larry...something?

Santa's beard game is pretty weak this year

I promise this was the best one! Milo is still our wild card with pictures

Intense conversation


Maya with her choir director, Mr. Kendall