Thursday, July 26, 2018

Harens Head West, Part 3


After Idaho Falls, we headed to the store for some provisions, and then continued about an hour east to Yellowstone. We stayed in a super cute cabin about half an hour from the park entrance with Patrick, Kayla, and Chris. We hung out at the cabin that night playing cards and eating candy (you know, the usual) and then got up in the morning and headed to the park. Milo's favorite part of the park BY FAR was seeing a snake, even though he nearly jumped out of his shorts when he saw it! Maya and Arlo liked climbing around on the rocks. 
It's really awesome how many different types of environments you can see so close together; we saw hot springs, big and little waterfalls, wide-open plains, forest, and of course geysers. Old Faithful is definitely the most popular geyser, and it was neat to see it go off, but I personally found the smaller geysers and hot springs more interesting.
We got to see a few animals, but the weather was kindof cool and rainy so I think many were hiding out and waiting for it to warm up. We did see a bear (!!!) but it was while we were driving so I didn't get a picture.
We spent 2 days exploring Yellowstone, and then headed north to Bozeman, MT to meet up with Penny. She had been teaching classes while we were in Yellowstone, and was headed back home shortly after, so we tried to spend as much time as we could with her before we all split up again! We ate dinner at a local brewery that had an amazing view of the mountains!
When dinner was finished and good-byes were said, we got back in the car for another long trek...

Can anyone tell what movie we're watching???

can you spot our furry friend?!


Old Faithful ~ this was by far the busiest part of the park!