Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Michael indulged my crazy on Friday as we took the kids out to hunt for the *perfect* Christmas tree.  All told, I think I did pretty good this year and we were in and out in less than an hour.  If you as him or the kids, though, I am pretty sure they will have a different story involving torture and hours upon hours of forced-tree-hunting.  In the end, we did end up finding an amazing tree that happens to be exactly the right size and just pokey enough that we're hoping Milo will not destroy all the ornaments (he has already pulled most of the ornaments off of the bottom of our artificial tree :/).  

Milo: "I eat snow off TREE!"

Me: This one is perfect!
Michael: Um, you mean the one that is 11 feet tall?
Me: There is no way that tree is that tall.  Stand next to it.
Michael: ...
In the end, we did not get the 11 foot tree.

When we finally found *the* tree, a surprise visitor was waiting for us!

MOM!  It's Polka Dot!

Milo has a healthy amount of skepticism for the creepy little elf.

The girls, however, cannot stop talking about him.

Maya and Charlotte wanted me to take their pictures and show them to Polka Dot, who was riding in my jacket to stay warm ~ adults can touch him, but children must not, lest he lose his Christmas Magic.

Yay tree!