Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Babies are AWESOME!

I'm a part of an online community of attached parents (called "AP Cleveland" for any of my local crunchy mama friends who are so inclined to join!), and recently during a discussion about who-knows-what, one of the members exclaimed (well, as much as you can exclaim in an online forum), "Babies are AWESOME!"  And you know what?  She's totally right.  Babies, or at least *my* baby, is pretty much amazing 100% of the time.  Okay, at least 90% of the time.  And the most awesome thing about babies is that they can do things that are totally inappropriate for adults or even older toddlers and children, but babies are so freaking cute that you DON'T EVEN CARE.  For real.  Also, I know that the super amazingly cute things babies do are only cute to that baby's parents (*maybe* close friends and grandparents/aunts/uncles, too), but since this is a mommy blog ~ I mean seriously, the tag line is "a blog about life with littles" ~ I get to talk about all the cutely inappropriate things my baby does.

He burps.  But these are not cute little baby burps.  These are ridiculously loud man burps.  Often followed by equally loud passing of gas.  Makes me laugh every time :)

He eats crazy loudly.  He nurses with such ferocity that there is gulping and gasping for air and sometimes he even squeaks a little.  He unlatches equally ferociously and then immediately falls asleep with milk all over his face.  Sometimes he wakes up to spit up his food and repeat the process.  It doesn't sound cute, does it?  Totally cute.

He pees on himself constantly.  I swear, I cannot change this kid's diaper without having some sort of malfunction.  If I somehow magically make it through the diaper change itself without having to use multiple diapers and/or change his entire outfit, he will inevitably pee out the side or top of his diaper.  And don't talk to me about which way his boy parts are pointing ~ it doesn't matter.  North?  Pee out the top of the diaper = outfit change.  South? East? West?  Pee out the side of the diaper = outfit change.  Kiddo's got talent.  Or his diapers are too big.  Either way :P  The best (and least interesting story to anyone but Michael and I) was last night.  I was lovingly and carefully changing his diaper.  I even remembered to use a wipe as a homemade "peepee teepee" (a real product!).  But, as soon as I removed the wipe to fasten his new diaper, he peed.  Onto his face.  Told you he was talented!  Anyway, so he is understandably freaking out, Michael is frantically trying to wipe out Milo's eyes and mouth (ok, that part is not as cute as it is gross :P), and I literally fall onto the floor because I am laughing so hard.  I'm snorting and crying as Michael is trying to reassure Milo that I do, in fact, love him...I'm just bad in "emergency situations" and I "laugh when people get hurt".  Michael gets him cleaned and diapered, and I (in my almost-can't-stand-up-because-I'm-laughing-so-hard state) pick him up to reassure him, and realize that he was laying in a puddle.  His head was literally dripping.  I think Michael knew this and left it there on purpose to get me back for my neglecting Milo in his time of need, but of course it only made me laugh harder.  Good thing my "hold on to your baby at all costs" instinct kicked in!  So we get him cleaned up again, wipe down the changing table, secure Milo in jammies, climb into bed, and pray that maybe, just maybe, we can make it a whole night without having to change the sheets.  But you know what?  If we do, NBD.  He's still cute <3

Also, he just burped.  And I'm laughing :)

Of course, pictures...

We have had lots of visitors, and since Michael was able to take about 2 weeks off of work, we have been spending lots of time outside with the kiddos.  These pictures are from the past 2 weeks...they aren't all captioned because there are a LOT, but I think they are mostly self-explanatory :)

~~~~~~~~~~Larry and Steph~~~~~~~~~~

Bet you'll never guess who did Steph's hair...

New barrettes!  Thanks Grandpa and Steph!

~~~~~~~~~~My Dad, Dona and Katie~~~~~~~~~~


Have you noticed Maya convinces people to read books to her and Charlotte whenever they visit?  You should see the stacks she has piled just outside of the frame!

~~~~~~~~~~Beth, Asad, Adam, Simon and Sarah~~~~~~~~~~
They let Maya borrow their balance bike for a few days!  She's pretty excited to practice!

Sarah kept trying to run down the hill!  She keeps her parents on their toes :)

~~~~~~~~~~Bath Time!~~~~~~~~~~


Maya's new "upcycled" dress.  I'm so excited by how much she loves it!

Night all!

Friday, August 26, 2011


The past week and a half with our new addition has been so amazing.  He is small and cuddly and squishy and calm and so freaking cute.  He sleeps about 22.5 hours of the day, and when awake he mostly just looks around and is cute.  He's kindof like a puppy except he doesn't bark and he wears diapers, so no housetraining required (we'll work on potty learning in a few years ;)).  I know that this amazing newborn stage will not last long, so I am savoring every second.  He is already growing and changing so much and he is only 9 days old!

As you can imagine, I have quite a few pictures to share!  I'm working on sorting and editing them, so for tonight, here are a few from the last couple of days :)

Milo's first trip in the sling ~ he was comfy cozy <3

Milo is eyeing that Diet Coke...he may have inherited Mommy's addiction...

Daddy and Milo

If you look closely, you can make out who Milo is looking at (hint...look at his eye!)

It's Aunt Laura!

Laura and Patrick came to visit yesterday and told me they had been talking Milo up to their friends...

I hope he lived up to their expectations!

Well, that's all for now.  But, here is a little preview for next time...Milo was pretty excited about the bath before he got in.  I bet you'll never guess how he felt about it once it started ;)
Yes, his umbilical cord is normal, it just looks gross.  It is thisclose to falling off...hopefully tomorrow!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Otherwise Known As Thing 3

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday sweet baby boy,

Happy birthday to you!



The girlies made him a cake while I was in labor, and tonight they sang "Happy Birthday" to give him his name <3

Milo Frederick Haren
Born August 17, 2011 at 12:10pm
7 pounds, 9 ounces
20.5 inches long

We are in love <3