Friday, March 23, 2012

Baths and Parks

Is bathing a baby in the sink ever not cute?  The idea that Milo will one day outgrow sink baths almost makes me want to have another baby (calm down, grandmas...*if* this ever happens it will be far in the future! :D).

Michael and I took the kiddos to the park this past Saturday.  We're all gonna be crying when we get a big snowstorm in April, but I'mma soak up the sun and warm weather while we have it!

It appears that I am going to spend my summer removing mulch (and lint, dirt, paper, grass, leaves...) from Milo's mouth!
Always so serious!

*Almost* crawling...

Being in the swing is now NBD.

If you look really hard at the slide you will see the girlies sliding down together <3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Little Mermaid and Other Stuff

In December, Sierra and I took Isabella and Maya to see "The Nutcracker" ballet.  It was a very exciting day, including lunch at Panera (or "the bagel store" as Isabella calls it).  Charlotte stayed home with Michael because it was a "big girl and baby boy day" according to Maya.  Milo wasn't quite ready to stay home with daddy for more than an hour or two, so he went with us.  We had so much fun that we decided to do it again when the Cuyahoga Valley Youth Ballet presented "The Little Mermaid", and this time Adrianne and Jamie came with Kendall and Eden, too.  The girls were so stinkin cute, from dancing around at lunch to playing around before the show started to starting to demand politely ask for snacks and water all of 4 minutes into the show :)  It really was a great day with friends and I'm so glad to have these women (and their daughters!) in my life.

Milo started solids last week.  We are introducing them very slowly and take the "baby led solids" approach so he's basically just mushes food up in his hands and then looks at us with a look that says, "where did it go?????"  We've moved our dining room table back into our dinette because it was in our carpeted dining room which, as you can imagine, was not the best location for a baby learning how to eat!

The weather has been unbelievable the past several days so we have been outside as much as possible soaking up all that good Vitamin D and running out some pent-up energy.  The girls have been sleeping really well (just jinxed myself there...oops!) and we're all just in a generally happier mood ~ yay!


"Look left!"


Milo's first swing experience...

...he loved it!

"Oh, you want *this*?  Ya, no that ain't happening, Milo."

Sierra pulled out the Goldfish, and suddenly she was the most popular girl at the park!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Down by the Riverside

The weather has been getting nicer and nicer, so the kids and I decided to take advantage of the sun last Wednesday and go down to the river in downtown Kent.  The girlies happily threw rocks in the water and explored the path, and Milo hung out in the Beco and looked around.  At one point I had the three of them sitting on a large rock so I could get some pictures, and Maya started screaming.  Yep, her fear of bugs remains.  I was really hoping we'd avoided it this year, but no such luck.  I promised her I would make her some "magic" bug spray (water with maybe some essential oils to make it smell good) that she can carry around...hopefully it works!

We had a pretty exciting and busy weekend, too...more on that in my next post!


Little Man is getting very close to crawling.  He can get himself around pretty well by inchworming his way across the floor, but I'm thinking that soon we're gonna be pulling out the baby gates!