Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy Month!

This month has been, uh, busy.  We had some sort of meeting, class, or other obligation almost every night, which has left little time for much of anything else!  January is going to feel relaxing in comparison (I hope!) and with the first *real* snowfall happening right now it appears that we might not have a choice but to stay inside and relax!  The month culminated in a week of illness in our family, starting with a migraine that knocked me out for 2 days, and ending with all five of us being hit with a nasty stomach virus.  Michael is on the (hopefully) last leg of it, and then I am planning on bleaching our entire house.  Due to the sickness that washed over our family, this was the first year ever that I didn't spend Christmas day with my mom and sisters :(  I was sad, but really too sick to even think about getting in the car for 2+ hours and then infecting everyone with our vomit germs.

My plan was to do a lot of blog posts with descriptions and pictures of what we have been doing all month...but I'm going to take the advice of a friend, dump a bunch of pictures in this post, and start fresh :)

So here ya is our December!

Maya playing the part of "Herald Angel" in her preschool Christmas pageant

Maya and Charlotte listening intently to the pastor after the program


We celebrated Michael's birthday late this year, with surprise party (attended by the kids and I ;)) and gifts picked out by the girlies


Maya picked the card.  Not pictured are the disposable serving platters, a flashlight with batteries, and a sparkly red table decoration.  He uses the crystal chalice almost every day ~ no lie!

The lone picture I have from Mom's Night!

Rovisys Kids' Christmas Party


...and Mason.  These guys are too cute!!!

Clearly Milo was thrilled to meet Santa

Christmas with Penny

Playing "1000 Blank White Cards" ~ so fun!!!

The girlies watched a show while we played :)

"Junk Food Night"

Christmas with Larry

The following pictures were taken by Charlotte.  These are unedited.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog :)


Our best attempt at getting a pic of the 5 of them, lol :)

Second best :)

Christmas morning.  Forgive me for not sitting up...I'm not sure I could have!  I tried to be as excited for the kids as possible :)

Christmas day breakfast, one day late :D

And finally, my awesome photographer friend Sierra took our family pictures :)  Here are my favorites!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!