Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"They're Lucky to Have You"

We have had six children come and go in the last 6 months, and we receive some form of that comment at least a couple times a week.  I smile and blush and mumble something about how we're lucky to have them.  And while I am not always the most eloquent in person, it is the absolute truth ~ I can say with certainty that *we* are the lucky ones.

We are lucky that our birth children not only share their toys and help with bottles and diapers, but also incorporate their foster brothers and sisters in their games, pray for them, love them.  

We are lucky that when they wake up in the morning and discover a new child in our home, they can barely contain their excitement.  

We are lucky that they continue to talk about and pray for the children well after they have moved on from our home.

We are lucky that a child can come to our home in an emergency situation and immediately be loved by everyone in our family ~ immediate and extended.  

We are lucky that we get to see a child smile for the first time after experiencing trauma. 

 I am lucky that I get to comfort a baby who is missing her mama, that I get to feel her body relax as I whisper to her over and over that she is safe.

We are lucky that we get to experience the joys of having a newborn, even while knowing the heartbreak that comes before and after her arrival.  

We are lucky to be a part of these complicated and messy and sometimes beautiful stories.

Monday, April 27, 2015

We'll Just Pretend Those 6 Months Didn't Happen

I was going to try to do a recap of the past 6 months, but that's too overwhelming to think about so I'mma start fresh.  Brief update: the kids are good, we got a puppy, we've had 6 foster kids come and go (read about that at my other neglected blog, which I hope to update soon,

It's spring!  Well, sortof.  It was nice enough a few times over the past couple weeks that we got outside for a bit.  Otis (puppy) is much better behaved when he's had lots and lots and LOTS of exercise chasing the kids outside.  We have taken him to 2 different puppy classes and boarded him a few times, and all of the trainers have commented on how "excited" or "energetic" he is.  Maybe some day he'll be calm enough to snuggle, cause a snuggly puppy he is not!  But he's cute, and he's fun, and he's learning his manners ~ can't ask for much more than that!

Pictures :)

It took me 10 days to convince Charlotte that this picture needed to be shared :)

Milo, on the other hand, loves cheesing it up for the camera

Sisters, secrets.

The kids at our coop singing "Thrive" at our end of year celebration

Charlotte with one of her friends, Katherine

Backyard shenanigans, unstaged

Milo performing a spell, probably "expelliarmos"

I love Milo's ingenuity ~ he needed both hands, so he came up with a water-cup-holder\