Friday, November 19, 2010

My Little Artists

Maya's favorite favorite FAV.O.RITE thing to do these days is color.  She will sit for an hour at the dining room table and color picture after picture.  This one was from the "Kid's Castle" at the gym we go to.  I'm pretty sure that when I check her in, she immediately heads to the coloring table.  I don't think there has even been one time that we've gone that she hasn't come home with new artwork (that MUST be displayed on the fridge for no less than 3 days).

As you can see, she likes lots and lots of color!
Charlotte also enjoys coloring very much!  And check out this picture she colored in!  I think she's basically a genius.  I mean, she even wrote letters!  It's almost like the childcare workers helped her out! 

If you can't tell, Charlotte's contribution is around the legs and feet :)
 Unrelated, but I'm kindof in love with the fact that Maya insists on picking out her own clothing and shoes.  And that 99% of the time she chooses cowboy cowGIRL boots.
To her credit, she actually put together a matching outfit on this particular day!  I'll have to post some highlights in an upcoming post.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Sarah, you are seriously FUNNY!
Also, tell Maya how much I love her style! How sweet are those cowboy-oooops, sorry, cowGIRL boots!