Friday, November 5, 2010


He's doing so much better ~ thank you to everyone for all the prayers! :)  Michael and I got to see Isaac tonight and he looks great.  Swelling is going down, he has his eyes opened, and he even tried to smile!  After not opening his eyes for 2 days, I imagine he will be keeping his parents up all night long just looking around (though I hope not!).

Here is a completely unrelated picture of the girls from several weeks ago:


Michael Haren said...

I think she's whispering, "What's this behind your ear? Oh a water cup?This is totally getting dumped on your head."

Or something like that.

picturingtheordinary said...

That picture is so cute! Michael probably hit the spot with what was coming next in that picture...but it's still cute...even if Maya was about to dump water on Charlotte!

Thanks for coming last night. It was great to laugh with you guys and trust me, we've already had several opportunities to make comments involving the double rainbow!

Michael Haren said...

If I recall, it's intense and vivid.

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