Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pottery and November 30th

***Disclaimer ~ I am well aware that most/all of the pictures are not entirely in focus.  I'm workin on it :P ***

It's November 30th, which means that NaBloPoMo is coming to an end!  And, I blogged every day for a whole month!  Don't expect the same to continue, though I do have a new project picked out for December (which I will blog about next time...I know you're all waiting on pins and needles! :)).  I'm glad I did it ~ it forced me to take lots of pictures even when I wasn't feeling up to it, and blogging forces me to look at my days and weeks and pick out all the fun and exciting things we did, which really changes my outlook when my outlook needs changing!

Today, however, no outlook needed changing, cause today was FUN!  Jamie (a member of my village :)) planned an afternoon at the local pottery painting place, and we had a blast!  The girls liked painting their pottery and playing with friends.  It was a little terrifying to have so many toddlers in a pottery shop, but miraculously nothing was damaged!  All the kids got to paint at least one ornament, and we all have some great memories that will soon be glazed and fired and hanging on the tree! :)

It was hilarious to see how each child is so different in how they painted.  As you can imagine, Maya's painting was wild and creative, Isabella's was very VERY neat (dude, check out her palate!), Charlotte really just wanted to paint with the dirty paint water.  Eden was excited to paint several layers and dots and lines, Becca and Julia liked LOTS and LOTS of paint.  Sam loved that he got paint on his hands, and Eliza (and Charlotte) enjoyed sampling that paints.  With their tongues!  ***How did I leave out Kendall???  I blame that it was almost midnight when I was blogging.  Anyway, Miss Kendall really just wanted to run and dance around the pottery store! :)

Pictures of our day...

Isabella kept saying, "Maya!  You're a silly gingerbread cookie!" and laughing.  I couldn't figure out why, and thought it was some funny toddler insult thing (not a real insult, just like calling her a silly monkey or something).  Then I realized that toddlers think concretely.  Isabella was clearly talking about Maya's apron, which somehow didn't click until after Maya took it off and Isabella said, "Maya's not a gingerbread anymore!" :)

Contemplating which ornament to paint

Look at her palate!

Then compare it to Maya/Charlotte's

Little Isaac slept through the painting, but he is always willing to offer up a smile when awake! :)

These are the backs of our ornaments ~ I'll get a picture of the fronts once we get them back from the pottery place :)


picturingtheordinary said...

Ha ha! I totally didn't know Isabella was calling Maya a gingerbread cookie--that's so funny! I also didn't know how much Isabella and I look alike until the picture you took of us looking at the ornament selection. :) Thanks for sharing and congrats on blogging every day in November--I am definitely impressed!!!

Emily said...

Sarah, these are fabulous! Thanks for posting them! (And I had the same thought as Sierra about how much she and Isabella look alike!)