Sunday, November 28, 2010


More later (either tonight or tomorrow :D), but I wanted to make sure I post today, and then we have lots of decorating and relaxing to do!

We saw my sisters and mom this weekend (among many other family members!) and tried again to get a cousin photo shoot...out of about 200 pictures, I only got a handful where all kids are happy and in-focus.  Jacob looks pretty much the same in all of the pictures, but Charlotte is constantly moving and Maya was (once again) VERY concerned about her big job of holding baby J so not looking at the camera very much! :)

Here's one of the cute (though not-entirely-in-focus) pics...more to come!

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picturingtheordinary said...

It looks like Jacob doesn't know whether or not he should be afraid of Charlotte!

BTW, how are you blogging so much??? I can't pull my brain together to blog...soon though. I took about five pictures over Thanksgiving. :(

Anyway, I'm looking forward to catching up tomorrow!