Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cinderella and BFFs

Maya watched "Cinderella" ~ my all time favorite movie ~ for the first time tonight.  It made me realize how sweet and innocent she is, and my heart about broke into a million pieces.  When the evil stepmother and stepsisters left for the ball, Maya was *very* concerned that they had forgotten Cinderella (note that I said "forgotten" and not "intentionally left behind").  When Cinderella made it to the ball, Maya excitedly said, "look, Mommy, she found her friends!"  I basically almost cried at the goodness that she sees in even very very VERY intentionally evil people.  It hurts me to the core to think about people being mean to her, and I am so thankful that, at least for now, her group of friends is amazing.  She and Isabella played in the bathtub this afternoon for a good half hour, and laughed pretty much the entire time!  We were at Sierra's house so I grabbed her camera (with awesome lens and flash) and got the following picture:
Editing credit goes to Sierra :D

Unrelated, this is how I spend pretty much every single night (and is the only way I can get any blogging done!)

Finally, one more "Cinderella" quip ~ I had to laugh at the scene where Cinderella is dancing with the prince.  "Mommy, they're playing 'Ring Around the Rosie!'"

(Unrelated picture)
Can these two just stay best friends forever?  Pretty please?


Michael Haren said...

I'm shocked by how much she loves that movie...instantly, and yes, her innocence was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

What a story, how very sweet Maya is:)(I think I could have cried too!)